About Us

Precision Models is a boutique Model Management company that identifies talent and offers services and expertise beyond a booking agent. We pride ourselves on the true personal management we provide each and every client.

Precision Models shapes the clients career, ensuring development is continuous and the opportunities are maximised at every stage. Our ability to identify the client’s strengths and work with them so their professional career reaches beyond expectations, is what we aspire to achieve and find most satisfying.        

A Little about Sarah Etinger - DIRECTOR

After completing her tertiary degree in PR/Psychology, Sarah moved to LA to pursue a career in Singing. During her time in LA, Sarah also worked as an Assistant Celebrity Stylist which included Red Carpets, major Social Events and Photoshoots. This became a real passion for Sarah as she loved working with high end talent & fashion.

However, upon returning to Melbourne, Sarah began a role at Uber as part of the founding team and launched Uber in Australia as an aggressive start up. This was an exciting role as it allowed her to use her skill sets in a variety of ways to get the company off the ground in a highly regulated industry.

Once Uber was established, Sarah was one of 17 employees in Melbourne to join Deliveroo to create what it is today. She looked after a large portion of the inner suburbs in Melbourne and grew her region to be the best performing in Australia. Whilst being at Deliveroo, she found a real love for management. She believed with all the knowledge and skills she had acquired over the years, She could combine it all and apply it back to her real passion; the creative industry.

After 18 months at Deliveroo, Sarah joined Precision Models. With a background in Psychology, PR&Fashion, Start Ups and her own former career in the industry, Sarah is well equipped to manage both up and coming and established Models.