There’s a string of defining traits that make Kal Reston a rarity in the photography world. Most prominent is his success without embellishment. While every element of society screams from stylised exteriors, Reston’s photography remains modest, captivating and alluring, all in a natural, raw preset. Consciously maintaining this aesthetic, the vast majority of Kal’s work is shot el natural, with minimal hair and makeup and a sparing use of post production. It’s this ‘in camera’ approach that bestows upon him a no fuss feel, making him an instant client favourite. Working with Digital & 35mm film he has worked closely with an impressive selection of clients such as; Elle Magazine, Paddy to Palmy, Zulu and Zephyr. 

A highly demanded photographer since he started shooting in 2015, Kal has worked alongside world class model agencies including IMG, Chadwick’s, London MGMT, Select MGMT, Vivien’s and more, excelling in the field thanks to his honest input-output with every click of the shutter. Citing trial and error and a ‘keep hustling’ mentality as drivers for his success, Kal will continue to shoot both film and digital across Australia and around the world. Fun fact: when he’s not shooting, Kal’s unable to pry himself away from The Voice and X Factor Auditions.